*Hulk Hogan and TNA really put WWE and the negative critics to shame with this one. They are gonna have to bring it with Money in the Bank Sunday night!! This was wrestling @ its best. It kinda reminded me of WWE or WWF from the 90s, but without all of the bullshit. I mean there was absolutely no bullshit!! MATCH AFTER MATCH AFTER MATCH AFTER MATCH!! It was amazing!! Of course there were a few interviews, but they all were short and straight to the point. There was no Hulk Hogan!! It was just great!!


*I DO have a couple of criticisms:

1) I don't know what the problem was, but WHY IN THE HELL DID THEY SUBSTITUTE JEREMY BORASH FOR TAZZ?!! Borash had no idea what he was talking about for the entire PPV. LMFAO-SORRY FOR PARTY ROCKING!! It was just like... "Will this guy just shut the hell up?" He didn't know some of the move names and everything... It was ridiculous!! I think Mike Teenay would have been better off calling the PPV himself, because it was obvious that he was getting kinda frustrated @ some points because he would just start talking over Borash. I was tickled!!

2) I'm sorry, but that Aries/Roode match did not live up. I was not impressed!! I presonally think that it was overshadowed by the other 2 matches outside of the tournament. I'm sure some of you would disagree, but it seemed to me like they were just killing time. It was good for perhaps the last 4 minutes. If Austin Aries had not have won the World Title, then the match would have been a total flop if you ask me.


*During the Daniels/Styles match, an audience member was furious and began exchanging words with Daniels. He called Daniels a "BITCH!!" ... Live on the tv, and shockingly Daniels called him one back!! I LOVED IT!!


~ Mason Andrews def Kid Kash in the opening round of the X Division Title Tournament.

~ Kenny King def Douglas Williams in the opening round of the X Division Title Tournament; however, I WAS NOT impressed. I was gonna squash him today, but he showed off a little in the Ultimate X Match.

~ Sonjay Dutt def Rashad Cameron in the opening round of the X Division Title Tournament. I don't know how the hell they can handle Dutt coming from the top turnbuckle and landing in their stomach/chest area with his FEET!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!

*There WAS a short break for the return of Jesse Sorensen to talk about his recovery. Nevertheless, it was so necessary and we loved it!! He is still recovering, but he declared to be X Division Champ by Destination X 2013. He also declared that he is gonna take Zema Ion's X Division Title, thus he hoped that Zema would win the X Division Title Tournament. As he was making his way to the back, Zema entered for his opening round match. He showed no remorse as he walked pass Sorensen.

 ~ Zema Ion def  Flip Cassanova in the opening round of the X Division Title Tournament.

~ Zema Ion def Sonjay Dutt, Kenny King, and Mason Andrews in an Ultimate X Match to become the new X Division Champion. I was not at all impressed by this match, and that's all I have to say about that.

 ~ Samoa Joe def Kurt Angle via Submission to gain 10 points in the BFGS and take the lead in the series. Of course, Angle didn't tap out, but ref Earl Hebner said that Angle wasn't responding. Angle wasn't too happy about it and neither was I!! There was no handshake or anything at the end of the match. Angle was pissed, but Joe was bragging, Baby!! This one kinda reminded me of the Lesnar/Cena match from earlier this year. It was hard for me to tell @ times rather they were serious or not. It seemed like they were really fighting at times. This was pure wrestling. It was nothing new from these guys, but they did provide us with the second best match of the night. It was close in the end, but Joe pulled it off.

 ~ AJ Styles def Christopher Daniels in a Last Man Standing Match!! The match was epic!! THE best Last Man Standing Match that I've seen in 16 years... These guys really put their bodies on the line, and I realized that there was only one reason they did it (FOR US!!) Thanks, Guys!! The match was extremely nasty and bloody. Daniels was as ruthless as possible, but AJ was just impressive and determined to win this one. He would not stay down. Of course, Kazarian came out to interfere, but (just as I predicted) his plan backfired and led to AJ Styles delivering a Styles Clash from the stage to a table on the floor to Christopher Daniels. Daniels could not make it up in the end, while AJ did. These guys had cuts and scratches out of this world AND THE BLOOD WAS REAL, GUYS!! (Most of it anyways... lol) This match was easily the best match of the year... SORRY, AUSTIN ARIES!! ;P

 ~ Austin Aries def Bobby Roode to become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. This match just wasn't strong enough for me to be called the Main Event!! It seemed to me that they were just playing around, killing time for the first ten minutes or so. While this match was going on, I kept having flashbacks from the Angle/Joe and Daniels/Styles matches. If I had to chose, I would say that the Ultimate X Match was more entertaining than this one. Now, the last four or five minutes were nice... Especially when Aries deliered the Brainbuster and actually got the pin. If he had not have won, then this match would have been a complete flop. The crowd wasn't even in it as much as they were during the other matches. Nevertheless, I loved the "SHIT FACTOR!!" chants!!

*Overall, this was perhaps the best PPV in TNA this year. They kept me in my seat. I tried not to come over to Facebbok, but I just couldn't help it. There was just too much to talk about, and I had to share my thoughts with someone!! lol!! I would say that I was impressed by the X Division; however, most of the guys weren't even TNA wrestlers. I WAS impressed by them. The current X Division stars sucked major ass, tonight. Zema Ion DID NOT do anything special tonight, but win the X Division Title. Furthermore, the other two guys lost. Those two DID manage to dish out the pain though. I'll give them 5 points a piece for that.. lol!! Nevertheless, I AM SURE that some of these guys will get contracts on Impact this Thursday night!! CONGRATS, TNA!! JOB WELL DONE!!



Well, I'll start off by stating that I picked 3 of the four guys that were actually in the Ultimate X Match (unlike my boy, Mike Lightning, who managed to pick all 4 guys correctly) (:'(). I was incorrect on the Ultimate X Match winner- as I picked Douglas Williams. I also was incorrect on the winner of the Last Chance Fourway. Thus, I am giving myself 3/6 on the tournament. I predicted that AJ would win. I was incorrect about the Samoa Joe victory. HERE'S THE BIG ONE!! Now, I predicted that Austin Aries would win, I just stated that somehow Bobby Roode would retain the Title... LOL!! I'm giving myself the full point!! SORRY!!

That means I was 5/9 or 56% correct!! HORRIBLE!!

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