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A young monk, Ming, is sent to India by the head monk of Shaolin, to fetch the person that would bring about the salvation of Shaolin temple. He is given a pendant that would shine on coming in contact with the savior-to-be.
Bheem and his friends from Dholakpur are in a tussle with Kichak and his friends from Pehelwanpur, over who is the better team, when they hear noises. On investigating, they find that a young monk is attacked by robbers who try to rob the monk, of the pendant. Bheem springs into action and fights off the robbers. When he takes hold of the pendant to return it to its owner, it starts glowing, thus giving the indication that he is the savior. The monk introduces himself as Ming, and explains the purpose of his visit.

For centuries, Shaolin temple has been living undisturbed in peace, until it was attacked and defeated by Kaifu and his army. Kaifu laid out the condition that each year, for the next ten years, he would face a member represented by Shaolin, and they would fight till one man is left standing. If Kaifu wins on all ten occasions, he would take control over Shaolin temple. For the last nine years, the representatives of Shaolin have been defeated by Kaifu without dropping a sweat. The representative of Shaolin temple the previous year was Chang, who had mastered all the five techniques of Shaolin, but was defeated by Kaifu within 3 minutes. With king Induverma's permission, Bheem, Raju, Chutki, Jaggu and Indumati set off for Shaolin, and they are joined by Kalia, Dholu, Bholu, Kichak and Mannu.

They start their training immediately, under the guidance of Ming. On reaching Shaolin temple, each of them is given a signature technique. Bheem and Kalia learn Lion's technique, Chutki is taught Snake technique, Raju learns Monkey technique, Kichak learns a technique concentrated on Balance, and Mannu learns Mentis technique. Within a few days they show great progress. However, Bheem feels that is not enough to defeat Kaifu, so his friends teach him their signature techniques. Shortly thereafter, he is even able to overpower Chang, someone who has been practicing for years. The head monk announces the squad that would face Kaifu's team, but leaves Bheem out as he broke a shaolin rule. He and his friends are taken to a river by Ming, where they end up confronting the soldiers of Kaifu, but they are vastly outnumbered. A mysterious figure arrives on the scene and drops a smoke bomb to help Bheem and his friends escape. At his place, Ming introduces him as Laoshi, formerly the best Shaolin student, but was also banished from the temple because of his lack of faith in Shaolin techniques.

With Laoshi, they begin strategising on how to defeat Kaifu. Bheem spies on Kaifu's soldiers while they are practicing, and learns Kaifu's signature technique- the Eagle's fist. He is told by Laoshi not to use the technique in Shaolin temple or on his friends as it is very lethal. Bheem continues practicing and soon reaches the peak of his training.
Tragedy strikes the day before the tournament, as Kalia is caught while trying to spy on Kaifu. He is about to be imprisoned, when Ming arrives just in time to convince the guards into arresting him instead. Kalia narrates the whole incident to Bheem and his friends who are shocked on hearing about it.

Its the day of the battle; Raju, Kalia, Chutki, Kichak, Mannu and Chang arrive to square off against Kaifu and his team. Bheem and Laoshi invade Kaifu's camp and rescue Ming. Laoshi continues to fight while Bheem is sent back to save Shaolin temple. By the time Kaifu's turn arrives, three members of Shaolin team are already defeated, and Chang is injured. However, since Chang is evidently the strongest member among the present team, the head monk instructs him to go ahead and face Kaifu. But Bheem arrives just in time and challenges Kaifu to fight. Bheem challenges Kaifu to accept his condition that if he wins, Kaifu will have to leave Shaolin temple alone forever. Kaifu in turn places forth his own condition that if Kaifu wins, Bheem will have to become his slave for life. Bheem agrees, and the battle commences. Its the clash of the titans, and both of them push each other to the limit. Bheem remembers Laoshi's advice that he needs a special technique to beat Kaifu, and that ''Nature is the best teacher.'' He is able to develop a very powerful signature attack and uses it to defeat Kaifu once and for all.

Kaifu begs forgiveness to the head monk. The head monk congratulates Bheem on saving Shaolin temple. Bheem in return requests the head monk to reinstate Laoshi into the Shaolin temple, to which the head monk replies that there is no barrier on Laoshi and he can return whenever he wants. There is celebration all around on Shaolin's victory, and Chutki asks Bheem how was he able to form a signature attack in the middle of a fight. Bheem jokingly replies that first they will have to eat a lot of ladoos, and everyone breaks into laughter. The film ends with a 'Happy New Year' greeting on the screen.


*Bheem: A brave 9-year old boy, Bheem is the main protagonist of the movie. He is known to always help people in need, in the town of Dholakpur. He goes to China in order  to save Shaolin temple by defeating Kaifu.

*Kaifu: A ruthless fighter that attacks Shaolin temple with his army and defeats them. He aims not only to gain control over Shaolin temple, but over the entire China.

*Ming: A young shaolin monk who is sent to India to fetch the savior of shaolin. He is trained in basic skills of Kung fu, and is a heir of the head monk.

*Laoshi: Formerly a student of shaolin, he teaches Bheem important  tactics for his fight against Kaifu.

*Chang: He was the best fighter from Shaolin temple until Bheem arrived on the scene. Although a great fighter, his skills were no match to that of Kaifu’s.

*Raju: A 7-year old boy, and Bheem’s best friend. He stays by Bheem’s side in all of his endeavors.

*Chutki: Another friend of Bheem’s, she is the only female in the circle.

*Jaggu: A talking monkey, also from Bheem’s friend circle. He helps Raju learn the Monkey’s technique.

*Kalia Pehelwan: An 11-year old obese bully, Kalia gets into all sorts of trouble along with his sidekicks Dholu and Bholu. He joins Bheem in his quest.

*Kichak: An athlete from Pehelwanpur, Kichak is an arch-rival of Bheem and his friends. He represents Shaolin team in its final battle with Kaifu’s team.

*Mannu: Also from Pehelwanpur, Mannu is a 7-year old boy who is known to be a very good boxer for his age. He learns the Mentis technique.

The movie was released right after New years eve on 2012, and was a huge hit. It was the most well-received movie of the Chhota Bheem series, second only to Chhota Bheem aur Krishna, the first movie of the series.

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