Brodus Clay beat David Otunga by countout.

I didn't watch the match. I wasn't expecting a lot from it. I like Brodus' character overall, but I want to see the guy really wrestle.


Sheamus defeated Dolph Ziggler to retain the World heavyweight championship.

I said this match would be awesome, and it was. It was the perfect way to open the show. The chemistry between these two was great, and the match had a solid flow throughout. Sheamus retains to keep his run going and I like the booking behind it.


Santino Marella beat Ricardo Rodriguez in a (non-title) Tuxedo match.

It was short and silly, and it was exactly what I expected. I'm glad it didn't carry on for too long.


Christian defeated Cody Rhodes to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

These two put on yet another well worked contest. Zero complaints. I'm not sure if Cody will move on to the World Title scene now, or if he will continue to challenge Captain Charisma. Christian is a solid IC Champ, and I'm excited to see who he feuds with next if Cody goes after bigger things.


Titus O'Neil and Darren Young won a four way tag match to become the number one contenders for the tag team titles.

They defeated the Usos, Epico and Primo, and the team of Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd. Abraham Washington cost Primo and Epico the match and then aligned himself with the Prime Time Players. This match here pointed out the effort that WWE has been making with their tag team division as of late. With these four teams, Reks and Hawkins, and Kofi and whoever he has for a partner, you're now looking at six solid tag teams alone on the main roster. I like the impromptu matches on a ppv when they end up being as good as this one was.


Triple H challenged Brock Lesnar to a match at Summerslam.

Most of us knew this was coming. I don't really feel any more or less excited for Summerslam because of this news. It is what it is.


Layla defeated Beth Phoenix to retain the Divas Title.

Has WWE forgotten that there are more Divas than just these two? The match wasn't terrible, but we've seen it over and over again. It's time for something new for both of these women.


Sin Cara defeated Hunico in a short match.

As Lightning pointed out, we've seen this match roughly six times. Sin Cara needs to do something new and change it up. Hunico needs to be treated with more respect and used for something more than filler matches; he's one of the most talented performers in the company.


CM Punk pinned Kane to retain the WWE Championship.

Bryan was down on the outside and Kane bumped AJ off the ring apron and distracted himself. Punk hit the GTS on Kane and got the three count. I honestly thought this would've been an appropriate time for Punk to lose the title, but I'm okay with the decision. Daniel Bryan will without a doubt become WWE Champion in the future, and so there really isn't any hurry. This was a really good triple threat match, and the addition of Kane helped carry on the Bryan/Punk rivalry without them having just another one on one encounter.


Ryback destroyed two jobbers in a handicap match.

I wonder who Ryback's first real opponent will be. I hope it's either Antonio Cesaro or Damien Sandow. Both of those guys should've been on the ppv, but unfortunately they weren't.


John Cena defeated the Big Show with the help of Zack Ryder, Santino, Alex Riley, Kofi Kingston, and Brodus Clay.

 Vince McMahon fired Laurinaitis and Cena gave him an AA through the Spanish announce table. This wasn't the most amazing steel cage match, but the finish to the match was fun and creative. I like the setup of Clay and Show feuding next, and now I wonder what opponent creative has in store for Cena next.


Final Thoughts: I read in a lot of places that people weren't impressed with the card. I, on the other hand, was very excited for this show and feel that it lived up to my expectations. The three standout matches were the World, WWE, and IC Title contests. The impromptu tag match was solid and the Divas match was better than average. Sprinkle in the tuxedo match and a couple squashes, along with a main event with a celebratory finish for the faces and fans, and you have one great PPV. I was impressed with the show and people should be pleased with how well it was  delivered. Until next time, you've been ThunderStruck!

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