by Walter Williams on Thursday, 19 April 2012 at 18:00

Sup, Wrestling Fans!! I was so stunned and excited when I went over to and saw this list, mainly due to the fact that I am in the process of creating a new note: "2012'S TOP 20 MOST VISCIOUS FINISHERS". All I could think was that 'if The Undertaker's submission isn't in the top 5 then I'll just look past this list... lmfao!!' I do have a few 'criticisms' for the list: Where in the hell is Chris Benoit's name? When in the hell did Daniel Bryan change the name of the LaBelle Lock? How in the hell did Chris Jericho place so much better than Dean Malenko? I'm pretty sure that ya'll can feel me on this...

~ Lee


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#25- Chavo Geurrero's "GORY SPECIAL"

#24- The Bigshow's "COLOSSAL CLUTCH"

#23- The Great Khali's "VISE GRIP"

#22- William Regal's "REGAL STRETCH"

#21- Tajiri's "TARANTULA"


#20- Ultimo Dragon's "DRAGON SLEEPER"

#19- Dean Malenko's "TEXAS CLOVERLEAF"

#18- Brock Lesnar's "BROCK LOCK"

#17- Lord Tensai's "THE CLAW"

#16- "Rowdy" Roddy Piper's "SLEEPER HOLD"

#15- Lex Luger's "TORTURE RACK"

#14- Taz's "TAZZMISSION"

#13- CM Punk's "ANACONDA VISE"

#12- Mankind's "MANDIBLE CLAW"

#11- The Warlord's "FULL NELSON"
#10- Iron Sheik's "CAMEL CLUTCH"

#9- Daniel Bryan's "THE 'YES!' LOCK"

#8- Ric Flair's "FIGURE 4 LEGLOCK"


#6- Chris Jericho's "WALLS OF JERICHO"

 #5- Ted Dibiase, Sr.'s "MILLION DOLLAR DREAM"

#4- Ken Shamrock's "ANKLE LOCK"

#3- John Cena's "STF" (Stepover Toehold Facelock)

#2- The Undertaker's "HELL'S GATE"

#1- Bret Hart's "SHARPSHOOTER"
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