My Need for Speed: Most Wanted Cars

Following is a pictorial list of the cars that I unlocked, bought, tuned up, painted, and drove, throughout the career mode of EA Games' Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Also I'm happy to add that I've received many cool photos sent in by fans on my Facebook page for the game (which has now crossed 1100 Likes!). Enjoy the pics!

Chevrolet Cobalt SS: My first car in the game, and also my favourite one. Superb handling that is second to none, a decent top speed and acceleration. When it comes to higher level police pursuits, it is my car of choice. The Cobalt SS never lets me down.

 Chevrolet Cobalt SS and Mazda RX7

 Volkswagen Golf GTI: My second car; won it via a pink slip to Sonny. I have to admit though, what attracted me to this car more than its performance was its looks. And rightly so, Sonny's car has better vinyls than any other Blacklist car.

Blacklist #15 Sonny's Golf GTI

My highly-customized Golf GTI

 Toyota Supra: Won this one from Blacklist 13 Vik. While its top speed and acceleration were impressive for that level, its handling fell short, big time. I sold it for a mediocre amount (mainly out of frustration) prior to challenging Baron.

Blacklist #13 Vik's Toyota Supra

My Toyota Supra with a new paint job and vinyls

 Porsche Cayman S: Baron's car. Check the reviews- not a single negative one. This car is that damn good. The ideal car for races between blacklist-10 and blacklist-5. I didnt change the vinyls on this one, just changed the paint, and added carbon parts.

My customized Cayman S

 Mitshubishi Lancer Evolution VIII: Since winning it from Earl, I didnt spend much on it except a couple of performance upgrades. Reviewers on the internet were all praises for this one, and it looks badass too. However, I personally had a tough time with the evo. The car got busted twice, and on two other occasions, i had to alt+F4 to stop myself from getting busted. I sold this one soon thereafter.

 Like the Evolution-VIII, the Ford Mustang GT is also considered widely as a very ''powerful'' vehicle. Naturally, when I won it from Jewels, I was very excited and had a lot of expectations from this ride. I hurried to the performance shop, and installed in it the finest upgrades i could find. Sadly enough, it didn't live up to my expectations at all. I don't know if it is my inability to adjust with 4-wheel drive, but this car just could not rise to its appeal. I sold this one at the same time as the Mitshubishi.

Another customized Mustang- Razor Callahan style!! Credits to my friend Bhasur for the pic.

New paint-job and vinyls... One word- Badass.

A customized Audi TT 3.2 quattro. (credits to Bhasur Sharma)

 The second car that I bought from the shop was a result of not being able to get my hands on Kaze's Mercedes Benz. This one was a brand new Porsche 911 Carrera S. It was an ugly chrome when i bought it, so had to change it to something of my standards. Aha! There you have it. And along with that, another $300,000 of upgrades. If only, If only! If only the car would have delivered... You guessed it, it did not. But it is a good choice for traditional race types though, although not that much. I thought about selling it, but noticed that the amount i earn from selling it off, i can obtain it from winning 3 odd races. So i decided to keep it as an addition to my car showcase instead  ;)

 Everything you have heard about the next one is true. Lamborghini Gallardo truly takes the game into a whole new level; its the end of easy races and the beginning of more challenging ones. One drive of the car, and you can observe the marginal difference between its performance, and that of the previous cars. This one is a dream, and will help you out well until the end of the game.

 Looks much better now. Black is a horrible colour to pick for a car, especially in NFS: MW.

My maxed-up Gallardo. Only reason I don't use it much, is because I want to give my opponents a chance!

 Chevrolet Corvette C6: Ming's Gallardo helped me win this one from Webster. Now this is what i would like to call a truly powerful car. Cross and his team don't use this one for nothing. Its stats are even higher than that of the Gallardo. When every other car was falling short to JV (especially the drag race), it was the Corvette that took me through.

My second maxed-up ride. It catches up where the Cobalt SS leaves off- the ideal car for Police pursuits Blacklist #3 onwards.

 I bought the Lamborghini Murcielago on not being lucky enough to win the green Dodge Viper of JV. Max this one up, and its the ultimate car of the game in terms of agility!

Lamborghini Murcielago and Chevrolet Corvette... Which is your pick?

Aston Martin DB9: Won this one from Blacklist #3 Ronnie. An impressive ride, but introduced a little too late, as the upcoming races would require a very powerful car. Nevertheless, a great addition to the garage.

Unique vinyls, Bright pink paint, and matching rim paint; This one truly stands out in looks, if not performance

Other Most Wanted Cars:

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