Bheem and his friends are invited to spend their vacations in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, by a cousin of Jaggu- the talking monkey in his friend circle. Their trip is not without mishap, as they soon find themselves in a situation where a young ape separated from its father, is being pursued by an evil group of jaguars who intend to capture it to take advantage of its spiritual powers. Bheem and his friends, with help from a group of wild deers, defeat the jaguars, rescue the ape and unites it with its father, who was on a rampage because of his child being kidnapped.


Reception for the movie was mixed; While the movie had a good plot and idea behind it, many children inquired by Criticstake considered it to be "too chaotic" and "not being captivating enough" to keep them glued for two long hours. The short span between the previous movie and this, also added to the high expectations and subsequent negative responses.

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