This time around, I'm reviewing one of my favourites from the NES 

Platform: Race America.

The game involves at driving on USA's roads at approximately 200 mph from 

Boston to Los Angeles, passing through some major cities on the way.In the 

2-player mode, the players race against each other using the same car model, 

but of different colors. Whereas, in the 1-player mode, each player must try to

gain personal glory by competing against eight computer-controlled players 

who can race their way across the United States of America.


Each racer uses the same modeled car, but with varying Top Speeds. 

The details are as follows:

*Engine      - DOHC, 32-Valve Four-Cam V8

*Horsepower  - 375 BHP (A) 5800 RPM

*Performance - 0-60 in 4.4 Seconds; 0-100 in 11.5 Seconds

*Top Speed   - {{convert|176|mi/h}}; Video Racer {{convert|200|mi/h}}} 

*Body/Frame  - Fiberglass & Steel  

*Tires-   Z-Rated {{convert|200|mi/h}}), 

               275/40ZR17 (Front), 

               315/35ZR17 (Rear)

*Wheels      - Cast Alloy, 17 X 9.5 (F), 17 x 11 (R)


# Lance Slick: He's known for his cool moves and a hot foot! 

# Mike Linguini: This hot Italian swerves all over the road!

# Derrick Stetson: A tough Texan who herds racers just like cattle!

# Ito Speedo: This black belt driver will blow your doors off!

# Va-Va Vroom: She's the top female racecar driver in the world!

# Pierre Sedan: He'll block your pass every time in high style!

# Hans Von Brakemann: Get too close to him and you're history!

# AJ Turbo: There's no foolin' around with AJ! He's the king of the road!

==Shifting Gears==

To shift up, the player will have to let go of the accelerator,
then press up. The player needs to do the same thing to shift down
except pressing down. The player should look at the RPM meter on
the left side of the dashboard. When that's about 85% to the
maximum, that's the ideal time to shift up. One could always shift
down but should also brake while slowing down for better
performance. Here is a chart that shows the speeds of each gear:
1st Gear - 00-32 Mph
2nd Gear - 23-64 Mph
3rd Gear - 58-96 Mph
4th Gear - 90-128 Mph
5th Gear - 120-160 Mph
6th Gear - 152-192 Mph


Traffic could be a little difficult to deal with at times, 
especially when the player is behind. The player should look at
which lane the car ahead of him is in. If that car is on either 
side, then go on the opposite side. If the car is in the middle, 
then stay in the middle for the moment. He should try to look to 
see if the car will turn, if not, then veer off and go around the
car. The best way to face cars in turns is to be on the inside.

==Gas Cannisters==

Gas cannisters will appear every 250 or so miles. A full tank of 
gas will last about 300 miles. The player should take them whenever
he sees them just to be safe. To get them, one will have to slow 
down to less than 100 mph and drive through them, just staying in 
3rd gear and not shifting up while collecting them should do the 
trick. Once the player has collected enough, he can speed up and 
reach his top speed again.


Boston to New York Leg #1
Distance - 210 Miles
Drag Bonus - 10000
Leg Bonus - 27000
Distance Bonus - 25/Mile

New York to Washington D.C. Leg #2
Distance - 240 Miles
Drag Bonus - 12000
Leg Bonus - 30000
Distance Bonus - 50/Mile

Washington D.C. to Cincinnati Leg #3
Distance - 510 Miles
Drag Bonus - 14000
Leg Bonus - 64000
Distance Bonus - 75/Mile

Cincinnati to Detroit Leg #4
Distance - 270 Miles
Drag Bonus - 16000
Leg Bonus - 34000
Distance Bonus - 100/Mile

Detroit to Chicago Leg #5
Distance - 290 Miles
Drag Bonus - 18000
Leg Bonus - 37000
Distance Bonus - 125/Mile

Chicago to Kansas City Leg #6
Distance - 530 Miles
Drag Bonus - 20000
Leg Bonus - 67000
Distance Bonus - 150/Mile

Kansas City to Dallas Leg #7
Distance - 520 Miles
Drag Bonus - 22000
Leg Bonus - 65000
Distance Bonus - 175/Mile

Dallas to Denver Leg #8
Distance - 780 Miles
Drag Bonus - 24000
Leg Bonu - 78000
Distance Bonus - 225/Mile

Denver to Los Angeles Leg #9
Distance - 990 Miles
Drag Bonus - 28000
Leg Bonus - 124000
Distance Bonus - 225/Mile


Race America is one of the few arcade races on the NES platform that has the potential to keep you hooked in for hours at an end with its quality gaming and action-packed plot. With Suns and Roses' Paradise City playing in the background during the opening screenshot, this game will take you back to the time where graphics were not the only criteria for racing to be fun!

credits to Frank Grochowski from for the drivers'list, the car info and 

the tracks list, that i just could not remember after over 4 years of not playing the game.

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