Bound For Glory opened with Rob Van Dam defeating Zema Ion for the X-Division Title. The match was fast paced and fun, but it was somewhat short. I don’t understand RVD being X-Division Champion after one confrontation with Ion. Where was the build for THE BIGGEST SHOW OF THE YEAR? Wasn’t the X-Division the big difference that TNA prided itself on in comparison to other wrestling companies? Zema Ion hit the nail on the head when he said the division is dead, but it’s not for a lack of competitors. TNA booking has dropped the ball with it. Congrats to RVD; I assume he’ll win the tag titles and TV Title in the future to become a triple crown and grand slam champion.


The second match of the night saw Samoa Joe defeat Magnus. Former tag team partners went head to head, also with minimal buildup. The match was average and a little bit shorter than the X-Division match. Joe won with the rear naked choke. I like Joe keeping the title here; he’s a veteran that can carry the gold and have good rivalries with almost anybody. I hope the belt is treated with importance every single week.


For the third match of the night, Bobby Roode lost to James Storm in an awesome bloodbath. This match should’ve been the main event. TNA slapped both these guys in the face by putting them third on the card. King Mo was barely a factor, but I’m sure TNA will use his shoving match with Roode as fuel for a rivalry down the road. Great match, but it shouldn’t have gone on third.


Joey Ryan defeated Al Snow next. Matt Morgan came from the crowd to attack Snow and help Ryan win the match. This was a crap finish, and the match itself had so much more potential between two experienced guys like Ryan and Snow. TNA blew this one for me too in terms of what could have been. I understand Ryan with the heel win, and I’m fine with that. My problem here is the lack of wrestling that could’ve been showcased.


Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez win the tag team titles in an awesome spotfest. This was the second best match of the night behind Roode and Storm. It was fun, and it was exciting. It’s definitely time now for AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels to go their separate ways and rival with other people. Whether or not TNA’s “wonderful” booking team agrees with me is yet to be seen.


Tara defeated Tessmacher in a match that was basically the same as every other match they’ve had. I can’t blame TNA for this, because I like seeing good wrestling from the women on TV every week. I guess there is just no difference between the knockouts wrestling on TV and the BIGGEST SHOW OF THE YEAR(do you feel my repetition of frustration yet?). Congrats to Tara; I don’t care that her boyfriend is from Big Brother or how big his muscles are; I wanted John Morrison to show up in TNA when she talked about Hollywood and dreamy. Another disappointment, but I’ll take the credit for why I’m angry with that.


The Aces and Eights defeated Bully Ray and Sting. Apparently the match was no DQ; I don’t recall reading that anywhere. Devon was revealed by Hogan and Sting to be a member after the match was over. The match itself was a mess, and the BIGGEST SHOW OF THE YEAR was not the place for this storyline to shape up like this and have such a mess. The Devon surprise was good; nobody saw it coming. I’m just annoyed with how it all played out in terms of very little WRESTLING.


Jeff Hardy defeated Austin Aries to become the new TNA World Champion. The match was good, but it was nothing better than that. Hardy is incapable of wrestling more than a spotfest, even when he’s carried by the best wrestlers in CM Punk(2009) and Austin Aries. Aries losing the title right now is a slap in the face to his run, especially to a guy like Hardy. Aries is a WRESTLER and an entertainer. Hardy is an entertainer. I’m annoyed, and this match DID NOT DESERVE to be the MAIN EVENT on the BIGGEST SHOW OF THE YEAR. Yeah, complain about my caps being pointless all you want. I’m disgusted at the moment.


People will tell me to lower my expectations. Well, I’m not going to. This company was a lot of fun to watch before Hogan and Bischoff came to TV. Since January of 2010, the company has shown bits and pieces of potential excellence, and then it comes crashing down with horrendous booking and storylines making very little sense. For what was supposed to be the biggest show of the year, I thought all along that Bound For Glory was bound to suck, and in my opinion, I was right. Two great matches and a sub-par main event do not equal anything special when you put them together. I’m having a hard time wanting to do predictions for the next card.


A lot of you might be sitting there wanting to know why I’m bothering writing this if I’m that frustrated with it. The point of everything is that I am a fan of TNA. I was a fan of TNA long before it came to TV, and I was a fan of TNA long before Hogan and Bischoff came in. Since they arrived, everything about the focus of the show and the company has shifted and not for the better. I keep hoping it will change. Thanks for reading.

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