Critics Corner: Top 10 Best NES Games

 Like many other kids of our time, I had the opportunity of playing many video games from the Nintendo Entertainment System, and that too using Turbo Controllers! I've been thinking about making this list for quite a while now, and I finally decided this morning that Okay, I'm gonna do it today. I have made this list on the basis of MY top picks, and games I believe anyone would enjoy. Without further ado, let's get going...

 Number 10: Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones.
One year after the adventures of "Double Dragon II: The Revenge", the Lee brothers are back, and kicking more butt than ever! And they are not alone, Chin Seimei (a Chinese Kung Fu expert) and Yagyou Ranzou (a Ninja) join them in their quest across the world. New enemy units and weapons, as well as signature ones like Nunchucks, Iron Claw and Shuriken. If you wanna beat'em up, beat'em up in style.

Download Link: "The Sacred Stones"

 Number 9: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4: Tournament Fighters.
I LOVED this game, and I still do. Konami went for a change in the Turtles franchise and instead of producing another Arcade game, they came up with a Street Fighter-type action game.. only better. And with four different exciting modes to choose from, this game definitely deserves its spot in the Top 10.

Download link: "Tournament Fighters"

Number 8: World Championship Wrestling.
Maybe I was a bit partial in putting this ahead of Tournament Fighters, but I can't help it- I'm a wrestling fan! Moreover this game featured 12 real wrestlers from WCW (including "Nature Boy" Ric Flair and Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat), each with their own unique Signature moves! There was nothing more that I could ask for..

Download link: "WCW"

Number 7: Bugs Bunny/Tiny Toon Crazy Castle.
The reason it has not been placed higher is because of the absence of a 2-player mode. Even without a 2nd player at your aid, this game is better than 95% of games having a 2nd player option. A totally different concept, and the passwords at the end of each level really come in handy once you cross level 40.
Download link: "Crazy Castle"

Number 6: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: The Manhattan Project.
Superb 2-player mode, along with improved graphics, easy-to-beat foot soldiers, responsive controls, and a long arcade gameplay. This is the shortest definition I could think of, for "The Manhattan Project".
This is the first TMNT game where each Turtle has his own distinct special attack. TMNT 2: The Arcade Game was awesome, and this one makes it look like nothing. So one can imagine how good it must be. My only tip: Go find a 2nd player to help you in this.

Download link: "TMNT 3"

 Number 5: Chip n' Dale 2.
This is the sequel to 'Chip n' Dale: Rescue Rangers'- another great game at its own credit, but really short and easy. This game has a much longer gameplay, along with new enemies and weapons. Never too easy to bore, and never too difficult to frustrate; this game is a paradise. And if you have a 2nd player, its even better (again, just like the original).

Download link: "Chip n' Dale 2"

Number 4: International Cricket.
Note: This game didn't release in North America or Japan (because they didn't play cricket back then, and most of them still don't).
I kinda feel bad that such a fantastic game went largely unnoticed because of limited followers of the game. This was in fact, my favourite game in the whole NES platform. One of the only two Cricket games to ever release on the NES, its the ultimate sport game on the platform, and I guarantee that.
Download link: "International Cricket"

 Number 3: Snow Brothers.
At number 3 comes the vastly well-received Snow Bros. Fifty levels of entertainment, with the option of simultaneous gameplay for both players, as well as a variety of power-ups, enemies, bosses, and hidden points zones. This game has Action, Adventure and loads of Fun- all loaded into one. It is very expensive these days if you want to but the original ROM, so I'd suggest you just follow the link below ;-)

Download link: "Snow Bros"

Number 2: Double Dragon II: The Revenge.
It took me a good amount of time to decide which game of the series to rank higher- "The Revenge" or "The Sacred Stones". At the end, I decided to go with the former. Its graphics seemed better to me, the music was really cool, and you won't get your a** handed if you are playing on an emulator. My second-favourite NES game.
Download link: "The Revenge"
Number 1: Super Contra.
The original Contra was an absolute classic; and Super Contra is an improvement to that.
It still features those mutated humans/aliens, but it also features the 30-life cheat, and also the most devastating weapon in history- the "S" gun, shooting 5 bullets in 5 directions at a time! ;-) The top-view stages have become simpler, in my opinion; and some new concepts like bursting bubbles and earthquake have been added. If you didn't play this, you didn't play anything.
Download links: "Contra" and "Super Contra"
Agree/Disagree? Any trouble/criticism with any of the above games? Comment below!
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