''Chhota Bheem & Ganesh'' is an Indian animated movie featuring Bheem, the star of the Indian television cartoon program Chhota Bheem, and Ganesh, the star of the program Bal Ganesh. It was the second movie of the Chhota Bheem movie series.

Dholakpur is suddenly attacked by two fire spitting dragon monsters. As they spew fire and create havoc, King Inderaverma places the responsibility of saving his kingdm on the mighty Chhota Bheem`s shoulders. Meanwhile, Bheem and his friends save a mouse`s life, who happens to be a mushik, Lord Ganesh`s companion mouse.
But due to some unfortunate events, Mushik is taken away by the dragons. Lord Ganesh comes down on earth to help his companion. He and Bheem pair-up against the dragons to save humanity.

Reception for the movie was generally positive. It followed the trend of featuring two stars from different series into one movie, first started by its predecessor Chhota Bheem Aur Krishna. Its success however, was overlapped by that of the next movie Chhota Bheem: Bheem vs Aliens, released shorty thereafter.

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