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TNA Lockdown Analysis 4/15/2012 -

A Smarks' Remarks Report


James Storm Video Package

ML: It's a recap of how the Storm/Roode feud came about and that Storm is fighting for the TNA World Title in his hometown and how he has a lot riding on this. Sounds familiar?

Team Garett Bischoff Backstage Promo


ML: Garett announces that he's going to start things for his team. Anyone else think this is a bad idea?


Lethal Lockdown Match

Team Garett Bischoff (RVD, AJ Styles, Mr. Anderson, Austin Aries & Garett Bischoff) vs. Team Eric Bischoff (Gunner, Bully Ray, Kazarian, Christopher Daniels & Eric Bischoff)

~Garett Bischoff starts the match off against Gunner. How fitting. Gunner dominates the start of this match with his display of strength against Garett. Garett mounts a little offense, showing the fans that he has improved. Garett must be working his ass off, because he's already improving, but he still has a long ways to go. Bully Ray comes out next for Eric, immediately the double teaming starts on Garett. Team Eric is in full control when, Austin Aries comes out for Team Garett. Aries immediately goes after Bully Ray, as their feud has escalated in the recent weeks. Gunner and Garett continue to brawl across the ring. Kazarian is out next for Team Eric, and he's sporting a new haircut. Nice. Team Eric has the upper hand again on Team Garett, as Kaz and Bully Ray double team Aries. Gunner is still in control of Garett. AJ Styles comes out next for Team Garett, he's met at the cage door by Kazarian, Styles turns the tables and smashes the door across Kazarian's head. Styles starts shifting the momentum in Team Garett's favor, when he's hit from behind by Bully Ray. Team Eric still in complete control when Christopher Daneis comes out for Team Eric. Not good news for Team Garett as they were already losing the battle, and now Team Eric as the numbers game in their favor. Out next for Team Garett is Mr. Anderson, he comes in and starts gaining the upper hand for his team, until he's attacked from behind by Gunner. Team Eric has the momentum swing back in their favor. Eric Bischoff is the last member out for his team, his team is in complete control at this point, so all he does is showboat and taunt in the ring. Executes a few punches. He grabs Garett and holds him for the members of Team Eric to take repeated shots and turns on Garett. RVD is out last for Team Garett. The roof lowers wih weapons hanging from it, as Team Garett is able to regain the upper hand. The members of Team Garett are able to get to the weapons before Team Eric, and they start having a field day on Team Eric. Eventually, RVD goes to the top to hit a frog splash on Eric, when Gunner runs into the ropes and knocks off RVD. The match turns into a spotfest, as each wrestler showcases some of their signatures moves, minus Garett and Eric. Kazarian and Styles climb the top rope and starts hanging from the roof of the cage. They exchange kicks, until Kaz is knocked down, Styles then lets go of the roof and drops down with a elbow onto Kazarian. Garett tries to pin Daniels, but starts getting hit in the back with a kendo stick Eric had grabbed. Eric beats up Garett with the kendo stick, pretty badly. Apparently, Hogan taught Garett how to"hulk-up" to because Garett seemingly rises from nowhere, grabs a guitar and smashes it over Eric Bischoff's head. Garett gets the pinfall victory on Eric! Eric is no longer able to use the "Bischoff" name anymore and must leave TNA for good.

ML: I'll keep my thoughts short, this match was fun and entertaining to watch. A lot of talented wrestlers in the that ring, but with this kind of gimmick match, it's hard to showcase those talents. The guys worked a good match to be able to use the spotfest time as a time to show-off some of those talents. There were highlights in the match, that's for sure. But definitely not enough of Austin Aries.


TNA Tag Team Title Match

Magnus & Samoa Joe (c) vs. The Motor City Machine Guns

~This match starts off with the MCMG in control using their speed advantages on Joe and Magnus. It's really good to see Sabin back in action, I hope both of these guys can stay healthy. Magnus counters Shelley and throws him into Sabin. Joe and Magnus take control of the match, and have sucked all the interest the crowd has out of the match. Magnus, Shelley and Samoa Joe all go to the top rope, as the this tag match as now apparently become a tornado-style tag match, Sabin pops up off the apron, and SUCCESSFULLY powerbombs Samoa Joe off the top turnbuckle! I can't even imagine how hard that must have been for a little guy like Sabin to successfully pull off that move on a guy like Joe. Shelley, meanwhile, knocks Magnus' head off of the cage causing him to fall. Joe ragains himself after the powerbomb and locks on the "rear-naked choke" on Sabin. First of all, it's stupid that call that move a rear-nakd choke, it's not. It's a sleeper hold, call it a damn sleeper hold. As the submission maneuver is locked in, Shelley hits the "Sliced Bread" on Magnus, and goes for the pinfall. Joe breaks his hold and breaks up the count. Joe and Magnus hit their double team finisher on Shelley for the pinfall victory!


ML: This match had it's moment, mainly at the end. Joe and Magnus really are boring together, I thought that it might have just been the feud with Morgan and Crimson, but it's not. They really need to find a way to be able to work exciting matches with other tag teams, or we could have a lot of boring tag matches in the future during this title run. I expect MCMG to re-capture the Tag Titles here in the near future.


TV Title Match

Devon (c) vs. Robbie E.

~Robbie T. is forced outside the cage to start the match, he didn't want to leave the ring apron. This match was fairly quick and over before it could really pick. Robbie E. goes to the top rope, where Devon is able to knock him off the top rope and come down splitting the rope with his legs. He hits Robbie E. with the Spinebuster to get the pinfall victory! After the match, Robbie T. attacks Devon from behind and they beat him up.

ML: I figured this match was going to go in Devon's favor. As much as I ejoy watching these two wrestle, I feel like both their matches were rushed and never fully complete. This match proves they are dedicated to Devon being the champion for a while, so it'll be fun to see who he defends against next. Who knows where Robbie E. will go from here.


TNA Knockouts Championship Title Match

Gail Kim(c) vs. Velvet Sky

~Gail Kim displays that she is a dominate champion, as she dominates Velvet for most of the match. Gail Kim also shows us why she is one of the best female wrestlers in the world, with an array of submission moves on Velvet Sky. Gail goes to do a spear to Velvet in the corner, and Velvet moves out of the way and Gail runs into the turnbuckle post shoulder first. Velvet gains the offensive advantage and they end up on the top turnbuckle. Velvet hits the Shelton Benjamin Money in the Bank powerbomb on Gail Kim from the turnbuckle! Gail is able to grab the ropes to break the pinfall attempt. Velvet rolls up Gail and Gail reverses the roll up with a roll up of her own, she grabs the tights and gets the pinfall! After the match, Velvet Sky gets a standing ovation from the crowd.

ML: This match was awesome to watch. I'm impressed with both these woman a lot when I see them wrestle, and Gail never ceases to amaze me with the high quality matches she puts on with these women. This is what Women's wrestling should be about, and the WWE needs to take notes. I have no doubt in my mind that Velvet Sky will end up winning the Knockouts Title somewhere here in the near future.


Ric Flair & "Hulk" Hogan Promo


ML: There is prove that dinosaurs aren't all extinct. I just witnessed two of them in the ring at the same time, and they were talking! Well, kind of, Flair was completely incoherent and not a word of what he said was clear enough to understand. Hogan said if they got into the ring together, they would tear the roof off of the place, Hogan punches Flair. The roof stays in tact. And Flair does his best Charlie Sheen impersonation. Boring.


Matt Morgan vs. Crimson


~I'm going to keep this recap short as this was the worst match of the night, in my opinion. Morgan and Crimson have no in-ring chemsitry and it shows more and more each time they step into the ring together. Morgan could have escaped the cage at one point but turns around to beat the hell out of Crimson some more. By doing this, Morgan sealed his fate that he was going to lose. Morgan hits a running crossbody on Crimson, while Crimson was pressed against the cage. Morgan misses the Carbon Footprint, Crimson climbs the cage, Morgan stops him, and then is kicked off the cage by Crimson, Morgan gets his leg tangled and Crimson climbs over the top of the cage and to the floor to win!


ML: Worst match of the night, it was slowly worked and there were too many botches to be ignored. Crimon and Morgan's feud is fresh and unfortunately, I have the feeling we'll be subjected to more of this feud in the next few months. I still suspect that Morgan will end Crimson's undefeated streak.


Kurt Angle/Jeff Hardy Video Package


ML: It' a recap of the building of the feud between these two.


Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy


~Angle dominates most of this match, even causing Hardy to bleed at one point. Angle tosses Hardy around the cage, using the cage effectively as a weapon. Hardy eventually regains some composure and starts mounting a little offense, he finally hits Angle with the "Twist of Fate." Hardy goes to the top rope to execute a "Swanton Bomb" onto Angle, Angle recovers quickly and hits the "Angle Slam" from top turnbuckle. After some recovery time, Hardy regains the upper hand, and hits Angle with a splash from the top rope. From here, Angle reverses the splash into an ankle lock submission, then Hardy rolls through, reverses the ankle lock into an ankle lock of his own, Angle counters that but this time Hardy counters Angle's attempt into another "Twist of Fate," Hardy then hits TWO "Swanton Bombs" on Angle. Angle is still able to kick out! Hardy pulls Angle up, and Angle quickly hits the "Angle Slam" on Hardy, but Hardy kicks out! Angle picks up Hardy to execute another "Angle Slam" but Hardy reverses that attempt and hits an "Angle Slam" of his own on Angle! Hardy climbs to the top of the cage and hits a "Swanton Bomb" from the top of the cage for the pinfall win!


ML: I'm one of the biggest anti-Hardy fans and one of his harsher critics that I know, but this match was really well done and entertaining. Yes, it was a gimmick match and that should be expected of Hardy in all his gimmick matches, but Hardy was fairly impressive in the ring executing wrestling moves. Do I think he's an overrated wrestler? Absolutely. Angle I'm sure had a lot to do with Hardy's impressiveness, but either way, this match didn't disappoint. Angle really should take time off to let that hamstring heal, it can only do more damage than good for him to wrestling on it.


TNA Knockouts Tag Team Title Match

Eric Young & ODB (c) vs. Rosita & Sarita

~Not sure if this match was an impromptu time-filler match, because it wasn't made official on TNA's website. But EY and ODB come out wearing Nashville Predator hockey jerseys. This match was a basic comediac relief match, as EY does his normal comedy routine. Sarita and Rosita flirt with EY, distracting them from ODB, ODB gets pissed off and pins Rosita.


ML: Not sure what to take from this other than it's still a damn shame that EY is being treated like this. Dude can wrestle. He shouldn't be one half of the KNOCKOUTS TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS. It's annoying now more than anything. I still find him hilarious but I wish we could see more him wrestling and less of his comedy. Sarita is leagues above Rosita, in my opinion and I'd like to eventually see Sarita get a run at the Knockouts Title.


TNA World Title Match

Bobby Roode(c) vs. James Storm

~I've already typed a lot of recap, so I'm going to shorten this one significantly. This match had everything and was, in my opinion, the best match of the night. Storm and Roode's in-ring chemistry was fun to watch and they put on some of the best wrestling TNA has to offer. They started brawling outside the ring, Storm ends up with a bloodied face after they spit beer in each other's faces. They go back and forth and hit their signature moves on each other. Roode even locked on the "Crippler Crossface" on Storm at one point. Storm hits a Flying Codebreaker from the top rope on Roode and then proceeded to go for the "Last Call Superkick" but Roode pulls the ref in between them. Roode low blows Storm. He makesEarl Hebner give him the beer bottle and he hits Storm over the head with it. He goes to pin Storm and Hebner runs into the ring to make the three count, but Storm kicks out! Storm, out of nowhere, hits the "Last Call Superkick" on Roode, he isn't satisfied with just one, as he sets for another one and HITS IT on Roode! Except the second "Last Call Superkick" sent Bobby Roode out of the cage and Roode wins! After the match, Storm grabs the TNA World Title and then spits on Roode and leaves through the crowd.

ML: WHAT A MATCH! That was what a main event should be about. It had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. Storm and Roode proved they are two of the best things going in TNA right now. Roode proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, just how great of a heel champion he is. Storm deserves a lot of credit and should eventually get another World Title run. I feel that right now, though, TNA is going to close the book on this chapter of this feud.


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